Water Damage Restoration

Plumber, Maintenance, or Water Restoration Company?

Knowing who to call in an emergency situation is critical in moments of a potential loss. Do you know who to call if you come across an unexpected emergency in your building? A water restoration company could help you solve your problems today! Let’s set the scene –

A sink from your employee lounge on the third floor of your business begins to have a small leak where it is not directly visible. Due to the constant flowing traffic, no employee catches onto the problem. Days pass and you suddenly notice bubbling in the paint on the second floor. You know you’re in trouble, but you’re not entirely sure where the water is coming from until you notice the soaked ceiling tiles directly above you. So…who do you call at this point? Do you call your in-house maintenance team? Do you call the plumber because your maintenance has never encountered such a large issue? What are the first steps?

Contact your Insurance Company

As a business owner, you will want to file your claim as soon as possible. Take as many pictures as possible and make sure to record any important information. This includes any disruptions to business. Talk to your insurance company in advance about the process during a water loss emergency if you haven’t done so yet. Being prepared is extremely beneficial in stressful situations and will help you better assess the scenario if you encounter loss.

What to do in a Water Loss

In this scenario, you may want to call them both. The plumber will need to fix any leaks or plugged utilities immediately and maintenance will need to work with the plumber. They know the layout of your business and where everything is located in the building. However, that is where the service ends. The leak may be fixed by the plumber, but maintenance is not equipped to deal with the structural damage that is left behind.

Calling a Restoration Company

The aftermath of a leak is where a restoration company can assist you. However, they should also be contacted as soon as you notice any potential water damage. You will want to verify the restoration company is equipped to deal with water loss. Some companies will not have the certifications, knowledge, or equipment to evaluate or correct water damage that has occurred to your property.

Be Urgent

Remember, mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours and the extent of water damage is not always visible. Sometimes properties are evaluated to have potential asbestos, mold, or lead during a water loss. RMC has the correct specialists that can assess and restore the contaminated areas. Time is of the essence. Try to have a priority plan in place before a loss occurs. Every minute counts in these scenarios, not only for the integrity of the structure, but for the health of your customers, clients, and employees.

To learn more about the water removal process Restoration Management Company provides, click here.

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