RMC's Executive Leadership Team

The Executive Leadership Team at RMC is a diverse group of talented and strategic leaders that strive to ​​restore hope through compassion and service. Since 1985, RMC has offered our customers full-service restoration, remediation and national catastrophe response. The ELT works with their teams and customers everyday to deliver quality service with integrity within a culture that supports and lifts each other up.

Jon Takata, President and CEO

As the Founder & President of Restoration Management Company, Jon Takata has been involved in all aspects of his business since 1985. RMC currently has 15 locations in 6 different states and a National Catastrophe Response Fleet that deploys whenever and wherever it is needed. Jon’s greatest influence growing up was his father, as he too had his own business that Jon revered from a very young age. During this time, he not only taught Jon the importance of a strong work ethic, but he also taught him the importance of strong family values. The support from his family is still present to this day as there are many family members who have taken a variety of roles within RMC. Jon attributes his growth and success to his family, friends and many liked-minded colleagues that share and live by the same core values - Integrity, Quality, Humility & Team Spirit.

Dave Glover, EVP and Chief Risk Officer

Dave has worked side by side with Founder Jon Takata for many years. First, as Chief Financial Officer, and now as Chief Risk Officer. After graduating from UC Berkeley’s School of Business, Dave started with Arthur Anderson & Company, then in Silicon Valley for a few well known publicly traded technology firms. When asked, Dave says he is proud to work for a growth-minded company like RMC, while protecting the values and culture the company was founded upon. Dave’s favorite part of working for RMC is being an integral part of getting clients back on track following an often stressful or devastating loss. Today, Dave spends his time making sure RMC is compliant in various areas across the company, including legal and contracts related activities and establishing direct strategic initiatives as part of the leadership team.

Garrett Zane, Chief Operating Officer

Garrett started his career in the restoration industry as a technician in 1993. From there, he worked his way up, joining RMC as Corporate Operations Manager in 2005. Now, acting as Chief Operating Officer, Garrett has been a part of RMC’s immense growth, including the expansion of RMC into 6 other states. Garrett’s most prideful moments in his career include being able to be a part of RMC - a company that continues to grow and lives by 4 strong core values; Quality, Integrity, Humility and Team Spirit. As a leader in the restoration industry as a whole, specifically part of the restoration industry association, Garrett enjoys contributing to the development and success of others, while caring for clients in their time of need.

Maria Silva, VP Support Services

Maria has been with Restoration Management company for more than 20 years. She has been responsible for multiple departments including billing and support services having started as a technician and continually moved up within the company. She is most proud of her ability to contribute to the growth and success of others. She inspires others and contributes to her team’s personal and professional growth through coaching and mentoring. Maria is grateful for the many opportunities RMC has provided, for the support from many mentors and expresses how truly blessed she feels often. Maria’s team often expresses the same gratitude for Maria’s tireless partnership and support.

Peter Vermeulen, VP Finance and Accounting

Peter is the VP Finance for RMC and oversees the purchasing, finance, accounting, treasury and tax functions of the company. He is an experienced finance professional with a 15+ year proven track record in various aspects of finance management. Peter holds an MBA in Finance from Santa Clara University and a Bachelors of Science from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. In earlier parts of his career, Peter spent 7 years in the People's Republic of China assisting companies with business infrastructure and operations in this emerging market. He then moved to the States and worked in several high growth ventures before joining RMC in 2018. Peter is fluent in English, Dutch, French and has a working knowledge of Mandarin. 做得好 Peter!

Bernadette Calvo, VP HR and Safety

Bernadette joined RMC in 2019 with 25+ years of experience in HR. Bernadette is the first in her family to receive a BS in Business Administration from SJSU. She accomplished this while working full-time and raising a family. She has a passion for helping others realize their full potential through development. She has been instrumental in aiding in our efforts to build a hire-to-retire culture that creates opportunities to develop, grow and promote from within. She leverages her certifications as a Certified Coach and Trainer to help management build best-in-class teams and employee engagement programs. Bernadette manages a team of seasoned HR professionals, adding value and insights to our management team in support our long-term business objectives. Bernadette shares with her children and grandbabies life’s greatest learning, which is that you can accomplish anything, through faith, a growth mindset, and perseverance.

Blake Takata, VP California Services

Blake joined RMC in 2009, as Project Manager after graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in Business Administration. Blake worked his way up in the Hayward Branch as Project Director and later as Director of Operations for RMC’s locations across the country. During this time Blake pursued his MBA from University of California, Davis. Today, as VP of California Services, Blake is focused on balancing the unique needs of RMC’s California-based clients, while maintaining high branch standards, growing the Large Loss and Construction departments and creating exceptional client experiences with RMC’s Business Development team. By creating unity and synergy between branches, departments and processes, Blake continues to lead the charge of RMC’s tremendous growth both enthusiastically and responsibly.

Sean Wisdom, VP National Services

Sean Wisdom joined RMC in 2007 as a Branch Manager tasked with opening our Orange County office. Since then, Sean has opened multiple new RMC locations and was promoted to his current role, VP National Services. Prior to RMC, Sean served honorably as an Emergency Operations Controller in the United States Air Force. Today, Sean enjoys providing a service to customers and communities that are going through often challenging times. Sean is most proud of the team that he has been a part of building. Watching his team develop professionally and grow into new roles that support the company’s growth is what gave Sean his driving passion; recruiting people to join the RMC team who have the desire and drive to grow in the industry!