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“Why Restoration and Remediation Should Be Your Next Career Move”

Oftentimes, it can be daunting to conduct an effective, thorough job search. Searching various job posting websites, updating and re-positioning your resume, and trying various search tactics can seem overwhelming. And then there’s the challenge of staying organized, tracking leads and scheduling interviews if you can get them. Fortunately, there are opportunities in the growing restoration and remediation industry, where one can thrive knowing they are providing community value while being an integral part of a strong, culture-driven company.

If you’re looking to jump-start your career, then read on and see why Restoration Management Company (RMC) should be on your target list.

RMC and an Industry That Is Trending Up

The continued growth of the restoration industry is primarily the result of a combination of aging infrastructure, advancements in technology and the increase in natural disasters, which can create an array of problems and challenges, regardless of geographic location. Separately or combined, these factors ensure that even in a sluggish economy there will always be a need for professional restoration. Here’s a quick primer on what’s driving growth in the restoration industry:


  • Aging Infrastructure: In terms of potential failure and poor environmental compliance, our nation’s aging infrastructure increases the risk for water, smoke and fire, and mold damage, and as a result, increases the need for timely restoration services.
  • Advancements in Technology: New technologies have helped detect and treat many, if not most, challenges when it comes to water, smoke and fire damage as well as mold and other types of remediation and restoration issues.
  • Natural Disasters: Unexpected and often catastrophic, natural disasters have long played a role in world history; however, it seems they have been more frequent and prominent in recent years. Torrential rainstorms, devastating hurricanes and other weather related events only increase the need for professional residential and commercial restoration services.

With services that include water damage, fire and smoke damage, mold removal, environmental remediation and recovery/ restoration construction, RMC is uniquely positioned to deliver advanced, state-of- the-art services that help replace the chaos with calm.

A Truly Noble Profession with Promising Long-Term Career Potential

When you’re on-boarding as a technician, RMC provides all the necessary training and certifications that enable and empower you to make life-changing, impactful contributions to local communities when water, smoke, fire damage, mold removal and disaster/catastrophe recovery services are needed. A career-focused, long-term position with outstanding advancement potential forms the foundation of RMC, and their team of compassionate individuals develops a strong sense of unity when it comes to offering homeowners and local businesses full-service catastrophe, resto- ration and remediation with results-based, positive outcomes.


Explore Technician Opportunities with a Company That Puts You First

As an RMC technician, you will be on the front lines of providing compassionate and timely restoration services to your community and to those in need, all while thriving and pursuing your fullest potential. You will be proud to represent a top Bay Area “Medium Business” winner for the past three years in a row and a top national “Medium Business” finalist just last year. Don’t have a college degree? Don’t worry because RMC offers comprehensive, on- the-job training to prepare you for a variety of mission-critical tasks under the direct supervision and guidance of the lead technician. You’ll master industry-specific tools and equipment, along with processes and protocols that meet RMC’s robust quality standards. In addition, you will assess equipment and materials needed to complete assigned restoration projects, order materials, move client contents, perform quality construction repairs, manage timely reporting and assist the lead technician in a variety of tasks. You’ll also interface with other RMC departments and become a key member of the RMC family as you carve out your career in an industry that is both rewarding and admired.

Become a Difference Maker in the Restoration and Remediation Industry

For a career path that puts you on a long- term trajectory with competitive benefits, comprehensive on-the-job training and a refreshing “hire to retire” culture, explore the technician openings at RMC. Since 1985, RMC has 

established a proven track record of experience and integrity in the growing $210 billion recession-resistant restoration business sector. This Califor- nia-based, privately owned company has a growing presence across the western United States even beyond California, including Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Nevada and Texas – as well as fleets of people and equipment that cover the country from coast to coast. Take that next step and see what RMC can do for you, your career and your community. Log on to rmc.com/ about-us/careers or call 1.800.400.5058 and learn why the competitive salaries and benefits – including health care, dental and life insurance, as well as paid time off are just the beginning of a worthwhile career one of the top workplaces in the country!

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