Fire and Smoke Restoration

What is Smoke Damage Restoration?

Has your business, home, or multi-family complex recently been affected by smoke? Can you visibly see soot on your walls and smell smoke in your belongings — even when you step away from the property?  To restore your property to pre-loss condition, there are many processes and specific techniques that need to happen. These services go beyond what an ordinary contractor or clean-up company can provide. It may be necessary to contact a company that specializes in smoke and fire restoration, but what exactly is a smoke damage clean up service?

Smoke Restoration Services

A smoke damage clean up service consists of professional smoke restoration techniques including cleaning, deodorizing, and refinishing/restoring hard furnishings. A light coating of soot can be removed easily by the correct specialized techniques. However, the soot could be permanently embedded if it is cleaned improperly by a company that does not specialize in these techniques. It is important to seek out a fire and smoke restoration company to avoid the potential loss of any belongings or property. Additionally, these professionals will be able to assess if the smoke at your property is toxic and create a plan to properly eliminate the threat if it applies.

Smoke can be toxic.

Smoke from a home or commercial fire can be toxic due to the fact it is not just derived from wood. It is coming from other items like plastics, leathers and chemicals. If you believe the smoke in your property may be toxic, please avoid entering the property, do not allow any pets in the vicinity, and contact a smoke restoration provider immediately.

The sooner the better.

The longer you wait to call a professional to assess your property, the worse the damage will be. Within minutes, acid soot and residue can cause plastics, marble, and alabaster to yellow. Within hours, the smoke can stain grout, countertops, refrigerators, furniture, and tarnish unfinished metals. Within days, wood furniture will require refinishing, vinyl flooring will need to be replaced, and upholstery/clothing becomes soot-stained. If you wait weeks, glass, crystal, china, and silver plating may require replacement due to prolonged exposure causing etching and pitting. To save on costs of damage and repair services, call an emergency restoration response company immediately.

What does a smoke restoration project look like?

A reputable restoration company will complete the following steps to restore your property:

  • The company will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the best and most cost-effective cleaning process for your property.
  • The proper specialized and licensed professionals are assigned to your property.
  • The team that has been chosen for their capabilities, will then make a selection of the proper tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions.
  • A 5-step cleaning process will be conducted based on time, temperature, volume, and chemical and mechanical methods.
  • The plan will be executed. The company should report on the detailed cleaning process until the job is complete and ready for the following inspections:
    • Soot and carbon elimination inspection
    • Odor elimination inspection
    • Final inspection completed by a Project Manager.

What services should be provided to best restore my property to a pre-loss condition?

A list of services you may want to look for in a potential fire and smoke damage repair company include:

    • Smoke and protein odor removal
    • Corrosion control
    • Ozone treatment
    • Document drying
    • Art restoration
    • Contents pack-out service
    • Contents restoration and refinishing
    • Electronics cleaning
    • Ultrasonic cleaning

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