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Top Companies Hiring in July

The RMC momentum is picking up some serious steam! We moved up to position #4 in The Muse’s Top 20 Companies hiring in July!

Who is The Muse and why is their ranking system significant? The Muse is the biggest online platform for job seekers to learn about a company’s and organization’s culture, workplace, and values testified by their employees.

The Muse rankings matter because they have partnered with large companies such as TikTok, Allbirds, Nike, Audible, Goldman Sachs, and Robinhood to further their reach. These companies have relied on The Muse to help them tell the stories of their employees to new potential employees – and its working!

At RMC we want our culture, organization, and values to shine through the faces and voices of our people. Our partnership with The Muse gives us the opportunity to proudly demonstrate why we love RMC and why working here is a truly unique and rewarding choice for a career path.

Click here to read the full article from The Muse and see the other great companies taking part in the July Top 20 Hiring list.

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