Summer Preparedness

Are you preapred for summer?

Property managers are often so busy ensuring their building(s) is/are well maintained, that often your very own personal home maintenance is overlooked.

Here is a quick checklist of things to consider as you get ready to enjoy the lazy days of summer.


Inspect kitchen/bath fixtures – Check for slow leaks and replace worn grout and caulking to prevent water damage.

Standing water – Remove pools of water ponding on children’s toys or a bird bath with stagnant water that attracts mosquitoes. Pest control is important.

Safety devices – Ensure smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are current and up to date. Check expiration dates and replace batteries if necessary.

Landscape– Keep landscape fire-safe. Relocate dry stacked firewood, fallen leaves and tree needles at least 30’ away from your home.

Gas grill – Deep clean the grill in preparation for barbecuing season. Check the fuel line for cracks and clean out clogged burners.

Irrigation systems – Test irrigation to ensure it’s properly working and not hitting fencing or the foundation of the home.

HVAC – Have a professional HVAC company perform summer service on your air conditioning unit for maximum comfort.

Pool safety – Ensure there is always adult supervision at the pool. Install safety barriers/fencing/pool cover. Consider installing an alarm that sounds when anyone enters the pool area.


We hope you enjoy the upcoming summer season even if it’s only a staycation this year. Having your home summer ready will ensure ultimate relaxation.

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