Safety Talk – How Can Respect Affect the Workplace?

In any work environment, no matter the industry or job title, everybody should be respectful to each other. Higher company morale, team unity and high productivity levels are just some of the many benefits of being respectful towards your coworkers.

Respect and Workplace Safety

When at a job the hazards and orders of operation are typically expressed to all involved. Individuals are aware of safety hazards and know how to effectively work within safety guidelines. There are other factors outside of a safety program the can impact the safety of the employees – respect, trust and good communication. Here are some benefits to remember:

  1. One way to demonstrate respect within a workplace is to practice good communication. Some benefits of practicing good communication are employees can be less stressed, more productive during work hours and the level of workplace violence decreases.
  2. Workplace violence is less likely to occur when there is a mutual respect throughout the workplace. Reduction in workplace violence allows employees to feel confident that those around them respect them and will not express any acts of disrespect.  
  3. Those who feel they can trust and communicate with their colleagues can more easily focus on their work. Reduction in workplace disruption allows individuals to focus on the work at hand, not the actions of those around them.

A workplace that practices respectful communications  will have a better work environment.

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