Microwave Safety Tips

It’s #nationalmicrowaveday! Believe it or not, there are many injuries and damage that happens in the office while using a simple microwave. Here are some safety tips to avoid that: 


  1. Microwaving water: Water can reach its boiling point rapidly when heated in the microwave. Be sure to wear proper protection when removing boiling water containers from the microwave.
  2. Flammable items: Never put items that contain metal inside the microwave. Metallic items can spark and damage your appliance or cause a fire. 
  3. Microwave safe Only: Only use containers that are labeled as microwave safe. Non-approved microwave safe containers and items can melt housewares. 
  4. Monitor appliances while operating: Don’t walk away while cooking! You never know when you might need to tend to something. 


Avoid injury, fires and smoke damage using these tips! 

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