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Evacuation Hack: Emergency Restoration

When a major storm or hurricane is on the horizon, it is always best to follow evacuation orders if your county authorities advise you to do so. While following basic tips like placing your valuables high that you cannot take with you and securing patio furniture, did you ever think of your refrigerator?

Is the food safe when you return?

If the electric goes out, the contents of a freezer can completely thaw out spoiling all of your groceries.

There may even be enough time for this spoiled food to completely refreeze again making it hard to tell if your freezer and refrigerated items are safe for consumption. How will you know?

Evacuation Tip!

Next time, while packing and preparing for the evacuation, freeze a cup of water. After the water is frozen, place a quarter on top of the water and put it back into the freezer.

After returning home from the evacuation, if you find the quarter has moved to the bottom of the cup, then you’ll know your power was out long enough to unthaw your frozen goods. This food should be thrown away.

If you find your quarter in the middle, you know the power did go out, but not long enough to completely thaw the cup of water. Use your own discretion for discarding food if this is the case.

Is the quarter still on top? That means your freezer’s contents stayed frozen the entire time. All of your refrigerated goods are safe for consumption!

Remember to always follow authority guidelines for returning back to your home or business during an evacuation. If you’ve experienced any damage to your business, multi-family property, or campus. — please call RMC’s 24/7 emergency intake line!


Since 1985, Restoration Management Company has provided 24-hour restoration service for customers when they experience a catastrophe in their home or workplace. With their headquarters in Hayward, California, RMC has 10 regional locations in Northern and Southern California, as well as locations in Seattle, Washington; Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; and the Denver, Colorado metro areas. When emergency services are required RMC delivers high-quality and rapid water damage restoration as well as smoke, fire, environmental and catastrophic restoration services. We stand ready with our highly-trained, experienced, and customer-focused restoration technicians.
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