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5 Star Review for an Emergency Response Company

Thank you, Gino I., from San Leandro, CA for your 5 Star Review!

“Fantastic, professional work performed by Restoration Management on our home. Rick Slaymaker was punctual, knowledgeable, and answered any questions we had regarding the initial and ongoing work, a great person to work with. After explaining in detail, we were happy with our choice. Ricardo and his crew took care of protecting every possible thing in our house that could be damaged. Dust screens, floor coverings a and ensuring everything else was protected. Ricardo and crew worked hard every day, we were stuck at home by COVID-19 restrictions, doing work and at the end of the workday, Ricardo explained what was going on. We were privy to the work they were doing and after countless searches on the internet with videos, we, in my opinion got the best work exceeding our expectations. We highly recommend!!!”




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