5 Fall Crafts from a Restoration Company

It’s almost Thanksgiving and aside from the obvious food, football, and fun, the even better news is that we can finally start counting down the days of 2020. It’s no secret that time is moving quite slowly this year. As it gets colder, we run out of even more activities to keep our children (and ourselves) occupied. To help out, RMC has put together a list of 5 Fun Fall Crafts that are easy and won’t have you running out the door to Michaels to find rare items.

1. Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Hang these on your fridge! Cute homemade fall decor. Supplies: Green and brown pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, apple, paint, scissors, and paper.

  • Cut your apple in halfeasy halloween crafts for kids pumpkin apple stamps
  • Dip your apple cut side down in your choice of paint.
  • Stamp the apple onto your paper, fill in the center with paint if there is a large gap. Glue on cut pipe cleaners and googly eyes
  • Allow to dry.
  • Hang your creation for all to see!
      • Cut out the center of your paper plate. Paint the bottom rim of the plate with your brown paint. Set it aside to dry completely.
      • Cut a circle from brown construction paper for your turkey head. Cut a triangle from the orange construction paper for the beak. Lastly, cut several strips of colored construction paper for turkey feathers.
      • For the face, after your paint is dry, glue the turkey face onto the bottom of your paper plate. Then glue on your googly eyes, red water balloon, and beak for its final features.
      • Lastly, finish your wreath by folding the paper feather strips around the top of the paper plate and staple them in place. It is now ready for your door or mantle!

3. Leafy Imprints

Hang these around your home for beautiful decor that won’t break the bank! Supplies: paper, gathered leaves, and paint.

  • Take a walk to gather leaves with your kids. Artificial leaves can be used if desired, but searching for the perfect leaves can be made into a fun activity. Collect all different shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Once your leaves are gathered, allow your kids to pick their favorite fall colors to paint the leaves. For a longer-lasting effect, acrylic will be best. Paint the leaves with all of the colors they have picked with a thin layer.
  • Stamp your leaves on to any medium you’d like – regular computer paper, canvas, or construction paper. Make sure to press hard so all of the leaves’ natural details transfer to the paper.
  • Use one large leaf with tons of detail, or an array of leaves to become even more eye-catching.
  • Allow to dry, then display!

4. Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Hang these off a tree in your yard and see what birds come to enjoy a quick snack! Supplies: Pine cone, peanut butter, string or twine, birdseed.

      • Go hiking and search for the perfect pinecone with your kids. The bigger the better.
      • Once you find a nice and large pinecone, make sure to completely cover it in peanut butter (using a knife for this might make it easier).
      • Roll your peanut butter covered pine cone in birdseed. Make sure no peanut butter is poking through so your bird friends have tons of seeds to snack on.
      • Tie your string or twine around the top of the cone. Make sure it is long enough to hang from a branch.
      • See what friends come to check it out! (this can entertain children for a while)

5. Autumn Q-Tip Painting

Super simple & super fun for the kids! Supplies: paint, paper, and q-tips.

  • Paint the base of the tree with many branches OR use a handprint as the base.
  • Dip the q-tips into the paint and dot the paint all around the branches (or fingers if you used a handprint)
  • Allow to dry! Easy, fun, and ready to hang!


We’re wishing you a happy and healthy November here at RMC. We are thankful for YOU this holiday season. If your family tried one of our Fun Fall Crafts, make sure you tag Restoration Management Company so we can see your hard work!

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