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Why Quality is Important


Take pride in what you do – it’s a statement that hangs in every Restoration Management Company warehouse reflecting one of the four core values the company runs on. But what is quality? How do you define it and why do you need it in your business?

Qual·​i·​ty |\ ˈkwä-lə-tē – superiority in kind, a distinguishing attribute, a degree of excellence.

While the face value of Quality may be how Merriam Webster defined it above, quality goes beyond the product or service you deliver.  Quality is reflected in your attitude, actions, and how you interact with others.

Why do you need quality?

Aside from providing a quality service or product overall just being the right thing to do, your business won’t thrive without it. Customers expect it. If you want to satisfy and retain loyal clients, you must provide quality in your work, your service, and your attitude. The absence of any of these aspects may result in your customer going to a competitor. Losing any customer or client to a competitor due to a lack of quality can threaten your reputation.

Strong Brand Reputation

When your business consistently delivers what it promises, your customers are much more likely to write positive reviews and mention you on social media platforms. This helps to drive your brand awareness and helps to influence others to choose your business when the time comes. While a great online review is a wonderful contribution from a customer, an angry customer leaving an online review is even more likely. With online review tools, customers can take back control in a situation they felt mislead and the odds of receiving an angry review is much higher than receiving a glowing one. Try for quality always and avoid this problem. A bad review can be the deciding factor for customers, long-term clients, and even potential new hires.

Attracting New Staff

Have you ever had a job you loved, but the company’s product just wasn’t up to par? Or the customer service/IT team often slacked in their jobs leaving you to resolve issues that you’re not qualified for? It’s the absolute worst scenario. You like what you do, and you see the potential of the product but it’s just not reaching the quality mark. Having a good reputation on yelp, google, glassdoor,  and indeed, accompanied by strong social media profiles – is highly attractive to potential recruits. At the same time, potential recruits will avoid companies with a poor reputation, low ratings from customers or past employees, and a company that does not have a social media presence (it shows the company may not be doing well enough to spend money on marketing.) That is why a quality company is more than just the service you provide. Your staff must be quality. Your business plan must be quality. And your attitude about your customers/business must be quality.

“What does quality mean to you and how can you apply to your daily work routine? Like our Core Value says – take pride in what you do. There are many ways we can deliver quality throughout our workday. If you are out in the field, you can deliver a quality product and experience to our customers. If you work in the office, you can make sure to be giving 100% in your tasks and projects. Quality can also go beyond our work or tasks that we deliver on a daily basis. It can be having a positive and encouraging attitude when meeting with others. Finding the positives in a negative situation. One of my favorites – having a passion and love for what you do and the company you are doing it for.”

– Jon Takata Founder and President Restoration Management Company


RMC’s reputation is the result of our employees’ hard work and efforts. We embrace individuals who stand strong with RMC and that is how we deliver exceptional service to our clients. Every day RMC strives to be the best while serving our communities. We do this by sticking to our four core values – team spirit, integrity, quality, and humility.

Since 1985, Restoration Management Company has provided 24-hour restoration service for customers when they experience a catastrophe in their home or workplace. With their headquarters in Hayward, California, RMC has 10 regional locations in Northern and Southern California, as well as locations in Seattle, Washington; Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; and the Denver, Colorado metro areas. When emergency services are required RMC delivers high-quality and rapid water damage restoration as well as smoke, fire, environmental and catastrophic restoration services. We stand ready with our highly-trained, experienced, and customer-focused restoration technicians.
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