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Why Should You Choose RMC

In an industry filled with competition and many qualified companies, why should you choose RMC?

Restoration Management Company has been the number one choice for our partners for over 35 years. Since 1985 RMC has built a viable reputation, providing the most professional experience in the restoration and construction industry.

“Companies can no longer compete on price and product alone. We have to differentiate ourselves by our customer service experience.” Says Kurt Domine, Sr. Director of Business Development at RMC.

This is why Jon Takata and the Executive Leadership Team at RMC have created a culture and set of Core Values that every RMC employee embodies. It’s values such as;  team spirit, quality, humility and integrity that all RMC team members carry and produce to deliver the customer experience that makes RMC stand out and separate from our competitors. 

We know we are not the only player in the game, there are other restoration companies you can call on. But we can confidently and proudly say that the RMC experience will be a unique and special service that can not be found anywhere else. We pledge to restore hope with compassion. 

RMC is a rapidly expanding, nationwide company that provides training, growth opportunities, in a growing industry with great culture and benefits!

But that’s enough from us! Click HERE to read reviews from our clients and customers who can also tell you why to choose RMC!

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