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Ready for an emergency?

Why have RMC ready to respond to your property? Time and expertise matter.

In times of distress, you may have many difficulties and won’t know who or where to turn to. And Restoration Management Company is who you can rely on for any emergency 24/7/365.

In June of 2021 The California Institute of the Arts experienced a massive water damage incident due to a cooling tower malfunction, they called RMC as soon as the issue was discovered. An employee at the campus found flooding from the top to bottom floors of their main building.

After the initial call to RMC, we responded to the site within an hour with a team to begin removing water from the building.

The total estimation of loss to the Cal Arts campus was millions of dollars in which RMC provided not only water damage services but construction, asbestos abatement, contents cleaning and structural mitigation. Additionally our response time was crucial in saving Cal Arts millions more in potential damage that we were able to prevent.

Our report on the entire project has been documented and filmed in the below video.

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