Special Interest Item Restoration

Following a water loss at a high school campus, Restoration Management Company received this nearly 65 year old camera, a Super Cambo Monorail Camera with a Seiko Lens. The historic value and unique film style this camera produces makes this a special interest item.

When RMC received this item from our client, it meant a lot because we understood they trusted us to handle and restore this rare piece of equipment. RMC technicians have a responsibility to all of our clients to return their items back to their original state, no matter the value. However RMC Technicians are specially trained and certified to restore high interest items such as this old camera.

Special Interest and Sentimental Item Restoration

If you have any sentimental or special interest items such as this camera that have been damaged from a catastrophe, RMC can restore it for you.

Content Restoration

In addition to special item restoration, RMC has the capabilities and resources to store your valuable contents. Our Contents teams at RMC have specific inventory procedures and protocols to ensure your valuable items are safe with us after a disaster or catastrophe.

RMC Contents teams can store:

  • Important Documents; Passports, Birth Certificates, Travel Itineraries
  • Checkbooks, Bank Statements, Credit Cards
  • School and Work related documents
  • Mortgage and Real Estate related documents
  • Tax Documents
  • Jewelry
  • Medications

At RMC we are always here for you, and we strive to restore with hope and compassion. Contact us today to work with us and give us the opportunity to work together.


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