Restoration and Damage Company: 5 Blogs for Property Managers to Follow Today

As a Property Manager, your market is always evolving with new real estate trends, strategies, or laws and regulations. Stay up to date and relevant with your competitors by checking out this list curated for you by RMC — a restoration and damage company for multifamily and commercial properties.

1. Forbes Real Estate Council

Forbes Real Estate Council consistently posts blogs about maintaining your property, new housing market trends, how not to annoy potential clients while staying in front of them — and everything in between! With tons of content and sometimes even multiple posts in a day, you can’t go wrong by choosing this blog as your go-to reading during your morning coffee.

2. Multifamily Insiders

From how to retain your employees to package management — Multifamily Insiders has all the tips you need but never knew you were looking for! Here you’ll find frequently posted blogs and recent vlogs from who seems to be all-knowing in the multifamily industry.

3. Buildium

Podcasts, reports, and webinars — oh my! Buildium is incredibly user-friendly with filters that help you choose your topic and type of content. Listen in the car on your way to your next business meeting or scroll when you need a short break from one of the many tasks you are currently trying to tackle; maybe you’ll get some inspiration!

4. Realtor Magazine

Although this blog site may not seem like it is tailored to you specifically, it is all-encompassing. Rounded knowledge in the industry is power when it comes to staying relevant in your field. Learn about relationship management, technology, and law and ethics. As the official blog for the National Association of Realtors, property managers can certainly find useful information for 2021.

5. Rentec Direct

With multiple writers, you’ll never get bored with this blog. The website is clean and offers new content fairly regularly. Find tons of management and landlord tips and feel free to chat, discuss, and pose questions; this site encourages interacting with the bloggers themselves!

Stay in the know by checking out these blogs and keep us updated on what you personally think is the best! If reading blogs or listening to podcasts has never been your “thing”, try to make it more fun. Connect with friends in similar roles and create a club. Hold each other accountable for reading certain blogs or listening to particular podcasts and discuss what you’ve each taken away from the content. This will help you cover more content together and inspire thought-provoking conversations.

Don’t forget to include Restoration Management Company as a blog to keep an eye on! We post tips for winter storms, informative pieces about mold or asbestos, advice for emergencies, & much more!

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Since 1985, Restoration Management Company has provided 24-hour restoration service for customers when they experience a catastrophe in their home or workplace. With their headquarters in Hayward, California, RMC has 10 regional locations in Northern and Southern California, as well as locations in Seattle, Washington; Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; and the Denver, Colorado metro areas. When emergency services are required RMC delivers high-quality and rapid water damage restoration as well as smoke, fire, environmental and catastrophic restoration services. We stand ready with our highly-trained, experienced, and customer-focused restoration technicians.
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