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Relieve Stress and Worry: National Stress Awareness Day

It’s National Stress Awareness day which strategically falls the day after Tax Day. Sit back and relax, this year we’re lucky enough to have it fall on a Friday deeming it acceptable to use these stress relievers all weekend long.

What is causing my stress?

Many factors can attribute to the stress in your life and it’s important to remember that stress is not a one size fits all application. Something that does not stress out your partner, family, boss, or coworkers may stress you out – and that stress is valid. When you allow yourself to acknowledge that stress, you allow yourself to cope with the stress and in return create a healthier relationship with it. The initial reaction for most is to try to avoid what you believe is triggering your stress, but that is not always possible. If you are currently finding yourself in a similar situation – please follow the below tips to help you live a less stressful life.

Relieve Stress and Worry

1. Exercise

Spend a little time on you this weekend! Exercise is rewarding in many ways, the first being it lowers your cortisol (stress hormones) and it rewards your body with endorphins that can improve your mood. This can be a walk, yoga in the park, the run you’ve been putting off, or a reconnection with your cross-fit buddies at the gym!

2. Treat Yourself

This is open to interpretation. How do you treat yourself? Is it a trip to the mall? Your favorite dessert? Whatever it is, let yourself indulge a little and enjoy every second of it.

3. Meditate

Take some time to breathe. If you’ve never tried to meditate before, search for guided podcasts that teach you how. Doing this before the beginning of the day can even lead to increased energy and production.

4. Rest

Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is exactly everything your body needs. Take an extra hour to sleep this weekend or finally take that overdue nap. Remember, anytime you simply lay down to rest your body you are recharging it – even if you’re not actually asleep!

5. Write it Down

There are different versions of this stress-relieving technique. One is to write all of your worries, get them out, then tear them up! Another is to simply write all of the good things in your life that you are grateful for. The gratitude from this activity is said to help relieve anxiety by focusing your thoughts on what is positive in your life.

6. Reduce your intake of caffeine

Since caffeine is a stimulant it can cause anxiety and the tolerance can vary from person to person. While some can drink multiple shots of espresso, others start feeling anxious or jittery just from having too much tea. Cut the caffeine out this weekend and see how you are feeling on Monday.

7. Spend time with friends and family

See your loved ones, invite them over for a movie night or game night. Laughter and a sense of belonging go a long way for relieving stress. You can talk about your stress if it helps, but also just try to let it go for the weekend. Enjoy your time with those who matter most and leave the worries where they are. Be mindful, be present, and be happier.

8. Everyday practices

Extend your stress relief journey by following the tips below in your everyday life.


Remember that RMC cares about the things that stress you out if it is something we can help you with! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need a service that has been lingering in your mind or if you don’t have a provider on call. Having a professional on standby for emergencies is a great way to reduce risk and worry.

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