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Account Executive from Restoration Management Company Receives Certified Apartment Supplier Credential

 Property Restoration Companies need to be knowledgeable about their trade to give clients the service they deserve. That is why at RMC, we encourage our team to grow in their industry and communities whenever they have the opportunity.

Today we congratulate Account Executive Susan Kern for her hard work in obtaining the Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS) credential from the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas. This certificate helped Susan to get a full overview of the apartment industry. She learned how to maximize partnerships with apartment owners, apartment management companies, and apartment association members. With a Multifamily industry background of 13 years from being on-site, Susan was the perfect fit for this class. She is excited to take her new knowledge back into the field, so she can continue to grow with Restoration Management Company. Way to go Susan! #WeAreRMC


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