Discover Your Future With RMC!

If you are reading this blog, this is your sign to become a part of a growing company. Restoration Management Company has steadily grown for the past 38 years, expanding from one location in the Bay Area to multiple locations nationwide!

We hire people who care. This is your opportunity to join an organization that values integrity, humility, quality, and team spirit. Those are our core values at RMC, and because of them we can hire the best people and be the best at our jobs.

If you consider yourself to have integrity, humility, quality, and team spirit then we would absolutely want you to consider a role with us. We can train, certify, coach and mentor you into any position and invite you to explore a career with us by visiting our culture page:


Here you can watch videos from Restoration Management Company professionals and learn about their journey and current experiences with RMC. You will also find out why we have slogans like, “Teamwork makes the dream work” and “We hire to retire”.

Or you can go directly to our careers page and find an open position nearest you, at any one of our 15 branches in six states: California, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Texas.


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