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Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Checklist

The longest days of summer are upon us, bringing high temperatures and heat waves nationwide. As a result, raising the usage of air conditioning units to help keep us cool all summer long. However, we need to do our part in helping make sure our air conditioning units can operate properly and safely.

We have put together a simple air conditioning unit checklist for you to use this summer.

  • Schedule a professional tune-up
  • Replace your air filter
  • Clean outdoor condenser unit
  • Clear condensation drain line
  • Inspect the air duct system
  • Check insulation levels and seal air leaks
  • Strategically program your thermostat
  • Replace CO and smoke detector batteries

Following these small and easy steps can better protect you, your business, your family and your structure safe from any air conditioning or any other heat wave disaster situations this summer.

It is important to take these precautions for your air conditioning unit to avoid any damage or hazards such as electrical fires, bacteria and mold build up, air quality, and high electricity bills.

If you need fire or smoke restoration services, you can contact RMC now by calling 800.400.5058 or clicking HERE to contact us immediately!

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