Job Summary

The Regional Director of Branch Operations is responsible for overseeing the operations of multiple branch locations within California. This position maintains and improves profitability by managing controllable expenses, efficient operations, and cost-effective business practices. The Regional Director leads in the development of strategies and implementation of plans to improve and standardize all aspects of operations, working closely with the Sr. Director of Branch Services and branch managers to set goals and evaluate performance to ensure company objectives are met. This position reports directly to the Sr. Director of Branch Services.

Key Responsibilities

Core responsibilities for the position are as follows:

  • Works with the executive management team to develop operating goals and strategies according to the mission and vision of the organization.
  • Leads, trains, and mentors their assigned Branch Managers (BM) to develop and attain operating budgets, ensuring that earnings goals are met.
  • Ensures effective production scheduling, warehousing, and transportation levels are met.
  • Directs, manages, and monitors operational KPIs for the business unit, adjusting measurement methods, goals, metrics, and monitoring frequency as necessary to meet changing company needs.
  • Identifies and develops new customer markets that fit within defined strategic direction.
  • Works closely with the Human Resources Department to ensure consistent and fair application of the organization’s policies and to ensure that staffing strategies meet the company’s needs.
  • Reports as required to the Sr. Director of Branch Services on operational performance, forecasts, changing market conditions and up/downside risks, to execute their direction for the company.
  • Ensures revenue and margin targets are met monthly.
  • Evaluates staffing needs and makes recommendations.
  • Supports and communicates the company’s strategic goals and priorities to the Business Managers (BM’s).
  • Develops and maintains cost and work saving measures and work procedures through directing operations according to company standards for quality, scheduling and product output.
  • Enhances operational effectiveness, emphasizing in the management of capital expenditures to maximize return on investment, business unit profitability and customer service satisfaction.
  • Collaborates and directs the management team with implementation of company mission, goals, policies, procedures and work standards.
  • Creates and maintains an environment of trust, integrity, open communication, teamwork, and respect.
  • Works collaboratively with vendors, contractors, warehouse maintenance and others that interact with the warehouse or logistics.
  • Responsible for oversight and management of all inventories.
  • Conducts regular meetings to address policies and organizational practices.
  • Responsible for dissemination of information to the business units.
  • Complies with all EPA and OSHA regulations as well as all internal policies with respect to safety, HR and accounting.
  • Directs operations to achieve schedule needs and meet customer deadlines.
  • Directs and manages operating budgets ensuring that expenses are incurred at acceptable levels; prepare to explain any variance along with appropriate corrective actions.
  • Responsible for understanding and complying with applicable quality, environmental and safety regulatory considerations. If accountable for the work of others, responsible for ensuring their understanding and compliance in terms of setting expectations.