Pay range: $19.00 to $30.66 per hour (DOE)

Responsible for scheduling and dispatching crews to residential and commercial property losses. This position supports one or more of the following: Project Managers, Project Supervisors, Superintendents, Branch Managers, and Directors with administrative duties when needed. Serve as the liaison to corporate office for all new forms, policies, procedures, and programs. issues.

Core responsibilities for the position are as follows:

  • Call customers for purposes of communicating or coordinating project schedules, and/or respond to general inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for assisting with Vendor Setup ensuring vendor has provided correct documentation.
  • Answer phone calls from customers, answer questions, or direct to appropriate staff when necessary.
  • Generate Work Orders and Change Orders upon request, forward to customer for signature, and coordinate dispatch of crews accordingly.
  • May be responsible for maintaining daily schedules for crews and other project members, and may assist in establishing schedules for increased efficiencies.
  • May prepare required state, federal, and / or waste management paperwork for all Asbestos

Projects, where applicable.

  • Update Invoice Tracking spreadsheet and ensure delivery of Payment Request to management.
  • Organize weekly, bi-weekly, monthly meetings in accordance with company policy, including but not limited to: safety meetings, In-office meetings, production meetings, etc.
  • Work with Call Center regarding new job information.
  • Label photos and upload into specific systems/programs.
  • Create and maintain job files ensuring all job pertinent reports and documents, including budget worksheets, invoices, Project Reports and BOS are properly filed.

Reporting (these duties may be applicable, depending on Division/Department):

  • Prepare daily management report on T&M Cost Spreadsheet, cross checking against subcontractor invoice and labor hours. Submit complete and accurate T&M paperwork daily to Central Billing.
  • Document daily updates on industry specific programs for all open jobs. Enter information from Tick Sheets completed by the Technicians and Project Managers into industry specific programs (Moisture Mapper, Xactanalysis, and Mica reports).

Branch office support may include:

  • Distribute and send all US mail and interoffice mail (courier service) for the Branch.
  • Monitor visitor access when required, ensuring all protocols (safety/corporate) are followed.
  • Ensure all local, state, and federal postings as directed by HR and Safety are properly displayed.
  • Organize timecards by division and review for errors. Where applicable enter hazard pay data and/or verify construction labor; submit to Payroll.
  • Communicate with and assist Payroll and Human Resources with payroll and employee issues.
  • Responsible for keeping petty cash supply balanced, authorizing reimbursements and tracking cash flow for submission to corporate office. (Except for Corporate)
  • Keep adequate levels of office supply inventory, RMC apparel, and order when necessary.
  • Provide administrative support to: Branch Manager, Project Supervisor, Project Managers, Operations Manager, Technicians and Human Resources.
  • Download documents and pictures into appropriate job folder for billing.
  • Serve as point of contact to all office and/or project vendors, customers, and field personnel.
  • Participate in production meetings.
  • Serve as liaison to corporate office for new forms, policies, and procedures.