The Asbestos Lead Technician are to conduct the monitoring of day-to-day jobs, including water and mold, for timely, utmost cleaning results, and customer satisfaction. Deliver instructions to their assigned technicians and ensure that production is on track. Meet with Management and Project Coordinator to obtain complete understanding of job requirements and documents as necessary to perform work. They communicate to management any Technician issues and / or customer concerns. Communication with Management, Project Coordinator, Customer and / or Third-Party groups is required.

Core responsibilities for the position are as follows:

  • Discuss with Management the specifications and plans of job
  • Conduct a Job-Site Hazard Analysis for the project site before start of work and train all employees of the potential job hazards, control measures to eliminate, contain or reduce the hazard and other pertinent safety information
  • Clearly communicate to technicians all job requirements including but not necessarily limited to; job schedules, work plans, abatement techniques, equipment usage, hazardous conditions and safety procedures, damage control procedures, job site layout, sampling, reporting, and emergency procedures
  • Direct all technicians’ work activities to comply with company procedures, production and safety requirements
  • Train current and new employees as required on job techniques, safety procedures, and equipment use
  • Properly complete all necessary paperwork
  • Ensure all necessary information and posted notices required are posted at the job site
  • Contact managers as appropriate to apprise them of third-party visitations to the job site
  • Perform personal air samples
  • Perform duties of a Technician working in Asbestos, Water, or Mold, as required
  • Comply with RMC policy and procedural guidelines