Floor Care Technician will assist in the loading and unloading of equipment and material into the vehicle and maintain its exterior. They ensure that cleaning products and materials are always in stock. Daily assistance with emptying and refilling water from portable machines, occasional content manipulation and assuring lead tech has equipment, materials, and cleaning products at hand.

Core responsibilities for the position are as follows:

  • Assisting with the loading and unloading of equipment, materials and cleaning products.
  • Stamping timecard for clocking in and clocking out.
  • Inventory tracking and reporting to Division Manager for purchase restocking.
  • Restocking of towels and moving blankets.
  • Restocking and organizing of new cleaning products.
  • Working professionally, quietly, and respectfully at the job site.
  • Responsible for maintaining the exterior of fleet vehicle clean.
  • Identify a designated work area and secure it with cones
  • Identify any areas deemed slippery and assure that caution wet floor signs are posted accordingly when using water or cleaning solutions
  • Promoting a safe work environment, maintaining a professional physical appearance and protecting the companys reputation and brand
  • Responsible for rinsing with high-pressure portable and either SX-15 or squeegee wand and emptying and refilling portable machine. Responsible for cleaning out portable machine once done.
  • Move furniture as needed; Lead Technician may assist
  • Responsible for preparation of surfaces, protecting surrounding finishes, deep cleaning of thresholds and handrails.