Emergency Tips

Thunderstorm Preparedness

Are you prepared for spring weather? 

Thunderstorms are the most common natural disaster during spring. These unpredictable weather events can pose severe risk of loss of property and life. It is important to know safety protocols and be prepared. 

There are five crucial steps to staying safe during a thunderstorm. 

  1. If you hear thunder, take cover indoors; get inside your home or building or even your car.
  2. Be aware of any emergency alerts and notifications
  3. Do not use any electronic devices, especially if connected to an outlet
  4. Do not come into contact with any running water
  5. Do not pass through flooded roads or passageways

Additionally, make sure to have an emergency plan, know how to contact and communicate with your family and authorities. Have an evacuation route planned. Prepare your property by doing routine maintenance such as trimming trees or branches that could pose a threat to your structure. 

Most importantly, pay attention, look out for weather forecast updates, and proceed with caution before going back outside.

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