Rainy Weather… Avoid Slip-Ups

Did you know one of the leading causes of workplace injuries are from slips and falls? With the rainy and snowy weather, it is easy to track moisture into the building. The most important step that experts recommend to prevent these injuries is simple! Keep floors clean and dry!

What to look for –

  • Spills, dust or grease spots. Look around your work area and make sure there are no hazardous spots on the floor. If you find one – clean it up and place hazardous cone’s around the area to warn others.
  • Look for flooring change. The lighting and floor color can hide a change in the floor. From the texture or angle of the flooring, it is important to be aware of the floor changes and to wear the appropriate footwear for that surface.
  • Take slips and falls into consideration. Some jobs require more attention the floor and surface on which the job is being performed. Especially when pushing larger loads. Have mounted handrails, poles or another stable brace to help reduce the risk of slipping while the talk is being performed.

Remember to wear the appropriate footwear, pay attention to where you are walking, go slow and take short steps when walking in a potential high slip or fall area.

As always, stay safe!

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