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Faces of RMC – Jon Kulhmann

Are you close enough to your co-workers to consider them family? Does your company make you feel at home? A large part of the RMC culture is family. Family means inclusion of everyone and unconditional and equal treatment. When you join our team, our company, you join our family.

This is why our RMC, Seattle branch has created an employee partnership with the SKCAC (previously South King County Activity Center). The SKCAC is an organization that provides people with disabilities an opportunity to achieve their professional career goals.

The RMC and SKCAC partnership has produced a productive and special relationship with a young man named, Jon Kuhlmann. Jon has been working with RMC since November 2021. RMC had the opportunity to interview Jon, and you can watch the full video of his interview by clicking here.

More of Jon’s story and his contributions to team RMC can be read here in a special Memorandum for the RMC Seattle branch Manager, Brian Willcut.

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