7 Safety Checks Before Leaving for the Holidays

Leaving for the Holidays? Here are 7 Safety Checks you should perform before leaving your house for the holidays.

1. Turn off water or insulate any exposed pipes.

This applies to indoor and outdoor pipes. Frozen pipes = broken pipes and broken pipes can cause gallons of water to rush into your home per minute depending on where it is located. If you do turn off the water, be sure to drain the pipes. If you do not turn off the water, open any cabinets or doors where pipes are located inside. This helps the heat to reach them better. Heat tape and insulation are recommended if you do choose to leave your water on.

2. Keep Holiday lights inside off.

U.S. Fire Departments respond to an estimated average of 770 Structure Fires per year due to Holiday Decor. To be safe, keep your decoration lights off. If you feel like you must have lights on to make your home appear occupied, use timers and test them before leaving.

3. Leave drapes and blinds open.

When you close your drapes and blinds, it can be an indicator that no one is currently occupying your home or business. Additionally, if there were an emergency, responders would not be able to see into the property to evaluate accidents or break-ins before entry.

4. Lock away your valuables.

Hide and secure all valuables and important documents. Nothing should be visible through your windows that are valuable or important.

5. Have your heating system inspected.

Different climates require different upkeep. If you live in a cold climate, have your heater inspected every 6-12 months. If you have mild winters, inspect annually. Even a climate with no winter should be inspected every 2-5 years. If you’re due for any of these inspections — be sure to do so before leaving for the holidays. Additionally, do not run space heaters while gone and double-check they are unplugged before you leave.

6. Set your building or house temperature to 55 – 62 °F

This will help keep your pipes from freezing, but remember it can still happen so refer to tip #1.

7. Shut gas lines off

Unless the heat or hot water furnace runs on gas. If this is the case, notify your gas provider of the length you will be gone and ask if they have any recommended procedures for your area.

In addition to these tips, be sure to inform your neighbors you are leaving, put away spare keys if you keep any around your property, and double-check to make sure all windows and doors are locked. Safe travels and Happy Holidays from RMC, we hope you found this blog helpful for your departure!

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