Lead Abatement

“…RMC is the most trusted name in environmental abatement industry, with over 4,000 completed lead abatement projects…”

Restoration Management Company (RMC), is a company devoted to lead abatement in a safe and proficient manner. All of our supervisors and workers are OSHA and EPA trained and certified. We are approved by the DOH, HPD and DOB for the complete process of lead abatement. We are licensed and certified in the state of California.

Lead-based paint (pre-1978). It may have been used both inside and outside of a home and on furniture or objects in the home. Children may eat paint chips or chew on the surfaces of cribs, highchairs, windows, woodwork, walls, doors, or railings.

Lead-contaminated soil. Lead may be in the soil where children play, especially near busy roadways or factories. The lead from gasoline used for many years has settled onto soil and is difficult to remove. This soil may also be tracked inside on shoes and clothing.

Lead-contaminated dust from paint or soil. It clings to windowsills, floors, doorways and children’s toys, and is dangerous to young children who crawl and often put their hands and other objects in their mouths.

Restoration Management Company is an EPA approved company. We offer low cost and unbeatable quality abatement work and inspection. With over 25 years of combined experience in the environmental industry and the use of the latest and most effective equipment for the removal of lead in paint, dust, and soil. We are certified and licensed for the removal of lead

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