Electronics & Equipment Restoration

Electronics and equipment can be the most important part of getting a business back in order following a loss. RMC can clean and stop further damage from occurring to precious electronics, equipment and machinery, and return them to pre-loss condition.

RMC’s technical service team has years of experience cleaning aerospace, data processing, cleanroom environments, laboratory, manufacturing, food processing, medical, optical, telecommunication, server and IT equipment.

Did you know that water and smoke can also damage your electronics and equipment? Some of the most critical information and functionality a business can possess is found within the electronics of their office. Not only is the digital information important, but the cost to replace the hardware, software and digital contents can be potentially crippling to a business.

Once the affected equipment has been carefully cleaned, commercial clients are able to coordinate with the manufacturer of their equipment to inspect, recertify, recalibrate, and perform diagnostic testing as needed. Although RMC does not guarantee the functionality of the equipment after the cleaning, cleaning is the critical first step a business must take to get their equipment back in operation.

RMC has a proven, proprietary cleaning and restoration process.

Each loss is uniquely different and may call for different processes and cleaning methods. RMC will identify and initiate the cleaning process to most effectively and efficiently decontaminate the affected equipment.

RMC will handle and guarantee the cleanliness of the equipment, making sure it is in the proper condition to move forward with getting the equipment up and running. Once RMC is completed with the cleaning process, the client can choose to have a manufacturer inspect, recalibrate or perform any diagnostic testing on the damaged equipment.

If your electronics or equipment are exposed to water, smoke or chemicals acting fast will increase the likelihood of successfully returning your equipment to pre-loss condition. RMC has the expertise and capability to decontaminate equipment and electronics of all types and manufacturers.

RMC’s Electronics and Equipment cleaning service is intended for clients with large loss exposure and expensive equipment that has been damaged. Although this service is not for computers or TV’s that are typically seen within a residential loss we are here to guide you in the right direction.

Download our Electronic Restoration Services PDF.