“…We will protect, restore and put your belongings safe in our storage warehouse…”

A successful contents project is a combination of experienced supervisors utilizing structured processes to create efficiency in the handling of the contents.  This efficiency allows us to provide a superior service at a competitive price.  Customers are guided through the project by a knowledgeable Project Manager who can assist them with understanding the processes used, manage their expectations and quickly resolve any concerns the customer may have.

RMC’s Advantage

. 25+ years dedicated to developing the best contents systems and processes
Over 1,000 successful contents projects completed every year means the most experienced staff available for your projects
. Eleven locations California that all have contents processing and storage capability
WW› Strategically located to cover the state
WW› Consistency across the state in how contents are handled
. Customized contents processing areas in all facilities
. Organized & efficient systems means being able to offer a better product at a competitive price
. Knowledgeable Project Managers to guide customers through the content restoration and storage processes, manage customer expectations and quickly resolve customer concerns

How we create value for our customers

. Evaluations by experienced Project Managers & Supervisors to determine the most cost effective method of handling the project
WW Evaluate the cost to pack out, clean, store & return items vs. replacement
WW Evaluate the most cost effective storage option that meets the needs and restrictions of the project. On site, On site storage unit, Pack out, Etc.
. Experienced supervisors that can determine non-salvageable vs. salvageable contents on site
WW Minimize packing and storage of Non-Salvageable items when possible
WW Written and photo documentation of all Non-Salvageable items
. Multiple check points within the project to insure that all parties are in agreement with the scope of the work being performed. For example:
WWPre-brief meeting with customer to answer questions regarding the pack out and cleaning processes
WWOn site review of all Non-Salvageable items and non-cost effective items with owner and adjuster (if possible)
WWIn shop review of contents with owner and adjuster (if possible) to determine scope of cleaning
. Detailed inventory and tracking system allows us to quickly locate items upon request
. Efficient packing crews know how to pack contents in a way that minimizes damage and reduces customer service issues
. Video and photo documentation of projects allows our crews to document the condition of the contents prior to the start of the work and allows them to place items back in the locations they were during the return.
. Established relationships with key sub-contractors
WWPiano moving & tuning
WWPool table moving & leveling
WWHigh value antique & art restoration
. Knowledgeable staff can provide evaluation of Non-Salvageable inventories prepared by
customers or public adjusters

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