Construction Drying

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Moisture Control
We understand the importance of controlling moisture during construction projects. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide fast, flexible and cost effective moisture control solutions for projects of any size. Our specialists have the resources and technical expertise to assist you in solving any moisture related issues you may encounter on your project. Some common areas where you may encounter moisture related issues we can assist you with include:

1. Concrete/Masonry
2. Dry walling and Painting
3. Fireproofing
4. Materials Preservation
5. Wood Floors and Molding
6. Carpet and Tile
7. Water Mold Damage Reversal
8. Construction Drying
9. Temporary Climate Control
10. Keep Projects On Schedule

Heat /Cooling
Maintaining the correct temperature during construction can be critical to your project’s success. The correct temperature can help you meet specifications, comply with OSHA regulations or simply provide a comfortable working environment.

Restoration Management Company (RMC) state of the art desiccantdehumidification systems are utilisedto dehumidify the ambient air in thestructure which ensures that thematerials are protected, the workersare safe and the project stays onschedule. RMC provides a turnkeysolution with well engineered equipment,offering around the clock service that is unmatched in the industry.

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