Winter Storms – Are You Equipped?

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It’s nearly December and winter is almost upon us. With it come storms that can be devastating if we are underprepared.


2017 has taught us all too somberly that preparation is critical and emergency preparedness is prudent. With all the breaking news of recent disasters, we have been reminded that, though there is much we cannot control, there are steps we can take to be equipped.


At RMC, we want to encourage all business owners, property managers, and chief engineers at property sites of all types to be prepared for storm season. Here are a few key things to have on hand:



  • Portable phone chargers
  • Sandbags
  • Plywood
  • Flashlights
  • Safety glasses
  • Emergency generators
  • Fuel


Many of these suggestions are only starting points for your check list. Each business has varying needs depending on location and operations. Know your team’s unique context and construct your supply list accordingly.


In addition to collecting and storing items in an accessible spot, it’s also important to make contact information for each service partner readily available. Cue these professionals to be on alert in the event your site needs help. If your business doesn’t have existing relationships with certain service providers, initiate connections now. Establish relationships with a reliable contractor, tree trimmer, electrician, restoration company, and others.


With storm cleanup, as with any other big project, planning ahead increases efficiency.


Another important storm preparation step to consider is insurance education. Know your policy, especially specifics on exclusions. Have clear knowledge about your business’ insurance coverage and authorize a team person to interact with insurance as well as manage payment, reimbursement and claims related to the clean up work performed.


Last top reminder, do a walk through of the property to assess vulnerable spots before the storm. Know the areas that are already weak and mitigate them in advance of the storm. Pay close attention to gutters and tree branches, reinforce or trim when necessary.


There many more steps to the preparedness process and more checklist items depending on your specific needs, but these highlights are a good start.  We at Restoration Management Company what you to be equipped and confident in your storm preparedness.


We would be happy to work with you to improve preparations and in the event of storm damage, we are one of the most experienced restoration providers available.


Add us to your check list, and let know how we can help!

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