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Disaster preparedness. Two words we have been reminded of time and again these last few months. As states and regions around the world are suffering through hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and more, experts are calling communities to prepare. It is not easy to see the news and realize how underprepared most of us are. However, a little knowledge goes a long way. There are plenty of steps to take and items to acquire that can equip you for times of disaster.

Here is a thorough disaster preparation summary to review and prepare your household or business space: FEMA.

Beyond supplies, PRACTICE is key too.

This is why RMC is encouraging everyone who can to participate in the Great Shake Out, an international day to practice earthquake response drills in solidarity around the world. 19.5 million people are registered to participate internationally on October 19th. More than 30 million more people have registered to schedule a day that suits their schedules. You can participate at any time and the goal is to  practice for how to react in the midst of an earthquake.

Participants will employ the “drop, cover and hold on” tactic. If you run a business, encourage your teams to join in this drill. Make sure your staff know where to go and what do in an emergency. Additional great tips recommended by Great Shake Out organizers, are about knowing what to do NEXT, after the earthquake. They list these points:


1) Look Around.

Imagine what would fall on you, and what might be damaged?It’s important to think through the aftermath so that you can possibly make changes to reduce loss.

2) Text First. Talk Second.

With recent disasters, communications companies and law enforcement professionals are learning that phone calls burden systems far more than texts. So share communication lines by sending texts instead.


One of the most common natural disaster worries in California is an earthquake. We’ve experienced significant ones in the past century. In response, local and state regulations have made great steps to improve structure safety. Many buildings with older construction have been retrofitted and new construction is required to meet more stringent earthquake standards. However, there are always additional steps we can take.


Check out these link earthquake preparedness links here:

Earthquake Authority

The Great Shake Out

SF 72


Now is as good a time as any to get prepared and equip for moments of disaster, especially earthquakes. It is predicted that a 6.7 magnitude earthquake has a 99.7% chance of occurring in California within the next 30 years.

Know what to do, and keep RMC on your contact list so you know who to call for clean up and restoration. We helped with Hurricane Harvey recovery and have decades of experience working with businesses and families in times of need.

For now, make the time to get prepared and join us in participating in the Great Shake Out.


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