Are You Prepared?

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Sometimes being preventative and proactive is not the easiest task, especially if we don’t know where to start. RMC is always here to help in the aftermath of a disaster or emergency situation, but our hope is that every community member is prepared.

Whether an individual, family, or business, we want everyone to know what steps they can take today to prepare for possible disasters. So, let’s get started with some key tips. 


  1. STORE WATER – Experts recommend storing 14 gallons of water for each person in your household. That’s enough for each person to have a gallon/day for two weeks.
  2. PRACTICE PRACTICE – Once you develop your EXIT strategy and your meeting place, do a practice run through. Practicing at least once a year, if not every 6 months, is recommended.
  3. PLAN AHEAD – With pets being our dearest friends and sometimes hardest to house during a temporary living situation, plan for a place for them. Keep a list of possible friends, veterinarians, or pet boarding spots to care for your pets until you can return home.
  4. BE ALARMED – Meaning, be armed with alarms and make sure they are working properly. Keep smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors active and batteries up-to-date. Test them once per month if possible.
  5. SWITCH IT OFF – Know how to turn off utilities: gas, electricity or water. In a fire, electricity and gas should be turned off. In the case of a flood, make sure the main water source for your facility can be turned off.

These are just some of the steps you can use to equip a home or business with the best emergency response to disaster.

Make plans and make those plans known to all involved. Do all that you can to save lives first. Then, when time allows, call on Restoration Management Company to help your property recover. Being prepared is your job, clean-up and restoration is our job.

For more preparedness tips see these government links:

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