Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist

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There’s no spring without the urge to clean! The two are nearly synonymous. Spring = clean.

So if you haven’t made the time or the checklist yet, we have something for you property managers and property owners out there. Here’s our spring maintenance checklist:



Putting in the time now to check these things off will pay off. As you know, property ownership and maintenance is a long game; it’s an investment. There are no shortcuts when it comes to your investments, and they take the proper TLC.

Building exteriors and general outdoor maintenance is key this time of year. Here are some of the top to-do’s:

1. Follow up on the items that weren’t reparable during the rainy season (e.g. chipping paint).

2. Plan ahead for landscaping needs (e.g tree removal or pest control).

3. Complete tasks before winter weather returns (e.g. clean gutters).

Taking care of regular and routine maintenance can ultimately prevent the need for major repairs. And, in the event of significant restoration needs, your property will be in the best position to withstand and recover from damage.

We know that property maintenance is never ending, but outlining priorities and planning ahead are the best ways to manage your structures and outdoor areas.

Take a few minutes to review the checklist. There is still a month left in spring and plenty of time get cleaning!

Download our printable checklist, here.

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